Greater Steps Scholars Receives $25,000 Grant from The Leon Levine Foundation to Expand Career Readiness & Mentor Program

Funds will help students in Charlotte subsidized housing by lending one-on-one support and guidance throughout their post-secondary education journeys

Charlotte, NC (October 2020) — Greater Steps Scholars, formerly known as the Charlotte Housing Authority Scholarship Fund, announces the receipt of a $25,000 program grant from The Leon Levine Foundation. Funds from the grant will directly be used to strengthen Greater Steps’ Career Readiness and Mentor program.

For many students living in Charlotte subsidized housing, the lack of financial access is often the biggest barrier to a college education — but it’s not the only one. Another barrier is not having access to the emotional support and social capital that students need to create a viable path to self-sufficiency and economic mobility.


Charlotte Housing Authority Scholarship Fund Announces Name Change to Greater Steps Scholars

The new name strengthens the mission of the organization — to provide every child living in subsidized housing an opportunity for and expectation of a college education

Charlotte, NC (July 20, 2020) — The Charlotte Housing Authority Scholarship Fund (CHASF), an entity that seeks to make a college education possible for every student living in Charlotte subsidized housing, has announced a name change. Moving forward, the organization will be known as Greater Steps Scholars.

The organization’s mission will continue to be the same: to serve as a vehicle of hope for students living in Charlotte subsidized housing that have a desire to achieve but lack financial means. Through a blend of financial aid and one-on-one coaching with a professional mentor, Greater Steps inspires students through their post-secondary education journeys and helps them become independent, self-reliant members of their communities.